The art of true relaxation

It’s a privilege to be part of a process that helps clients identify strategies that can lead to a more fulfilling life and uncover a greater sense of freedom and agency. I believe that therapy must involve exploring and integrating clients’ cultural context and identities in understanding their lived experiences and addressing their concerns. My

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Celebrating a Living Legend

Erasmus Alexander Kwabla (EAK) Kalitsi, Former Chief Executive of Volta River Authority (VRA) Ten Interesting Things You Should know about EAK When the Ghanaians took over from the British administration of the country, Erasmus was appointed District Commissioner in a number of small cities including, Keta, Sunyani and Sogakope. EAK was the Chief Resettlement Officer

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Kwame @50

“Our society doesn’t prepare us for failure and that is wrong.” – Kwame Sarpong Asiedu My first decade was uneventful but one thing was drummed in, you cannot fail. So right from the start, I was primed to be competitive. At the end of that decade, I took my Common Entrance Examination and ended up

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